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The Pre-Planning Process: An Overview

Pre-planning is a way to record all pertinent personal information, make funeral arrangements, and create a comprehensive end-of-life checklist. With pre-planning, your plan and wishes will be recorded and readily accessible at the time of your death.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

If any of these describe you, then you would probably benefit from funeral planning:

You want to ease the burden to your family

You want to create a meaningful funeral

You want to assume financial responsibility for your funeral

You need to move assets into an irrevocable trust that is protected from Medicaid spenddown

You want your family to be clear on your wishes

You want to preserve your life insurance

 Learning About You

During pre-planning arrangement we will collect your personal information for our records. This is basic vital information about you, including:

Social security number

Father's Name

Mother’s name (including maiden)

Discharge papers (if veteran)


We will also discuss what makes you you. You can tell us about yourself and your hobbies, what organizations you’re a member of, and what you love to do. By helping us get to know the whole person, we will be able to make a plan that best fits you.

Learning About Your Family

We will also discuss members of your immediate and extended family, identifying next of kin and those family members that you’d like to play a special role in your services. At this point you will also choose a main contact person, request a number of death certificates, and make other logistical decisions that will be handled by your family. 

Planning Your Service

During this part of the process you can personalize the experience so people leave saying, “That was exactly how they’d have wanted it.” And it’ll be true, because you’ll have made sure of that in advance.

We will discuss the various types of services available and draw up and itemized price list that fits within your budget.

Pre-Funding Option

You have the option to fund your arrangements when you pre-plan. By doing so you gain peace of mind knowing you are relieving your loved ones of making difficult financial decisions, and you also lock in the current rates for services and guaranteed merchandise at the time of death. These prices at the time of planning will be honored at the time of death.

The funeral is funded as an irrevocable burial account with one of two options; a whole life insurance policy or an annuity. Both options can be payed either with a lump sum or payment plan. Both are in the name of the policy holder and name the John F. Slater Funeral Home, Inc. as beneficiary. 

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