Cremation or the Choice to Cremate

Cremation is a common practice, whether it be to honor religious or cultural traditions, continue a family tradition, or to keep the deceased close by in a commemorative urn. 

The actual cremation itself is just one step in a series of events that comprise the whole memorialization. It may be combined with any of our other services, such as a traditional or modified funeral, tribute, or military funeral honors. In fact, especially with cremation, we encourage a memorial, celebration of life, or some other event to help people in the grieving process. 

Your funeral director will work with you to plan your funeral and cremation according to your or your loved one’s wishes. This can be done in advance or after the passing of a loved one.


Let Your Wishes Be Known By Pre-Planning Your Cremation

If it is your wish to be cremated, it is often best to let that be known and formally documented through pre-planning. Doing so will make your family aware of your decision and remove any questions about your wishes.

Choosing an Urn

The choice of urn depends on the intended use; an urn may be interned into a grave or a columbarium. We offer a selection of beautiful, in memorium urns available for purchase. 

After the Funeral

An urn may be  interred in a grave, cemetery or columbarium, kept by the family. We are happy to discuss other permissible options for what to do with cremated remains after the funeral.

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