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Memorial Tributes

Memorial Tributes

Stories, tears, laughter, and love help to grieve the loss of a loved one. Even weeks or months from now, a song, show, poem or any number of things may spark a memory. Remembering your loved ones and everything they meant to the people close to them is an
important part of the grieving process. 

At John F. Slater Funeral Home, we take pride in creating video tributes to honor and celebrate your loved one’s life. Using music and your photos, we will create a memorial tribute that will be treasured during visitation, and for years to come.

Our tribute videos include up to 100 photos for the standard package set to either music you have chosen specially for your loved
one or simply piano music.

Review our memorial video tribute brochure for submission guidelines, popular song selections and other information
or c
ontact us to discuss memorial tributes.

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