We are disappointed to announce the cancellation of our Memorial Day Tribute. It’s been an annual event that the funeral home was honored to host. The service included the playing of taps, a 21 gun salute, and a wreath-laying at our World War II Memorial by members of Nix-Vogel American Legion Post 935.

We will miss seeing our friends and neighbors from the community who would come to the front lawn of the funeral home to start their Memorial Day with remembrance. Although we are saddened to cancel the coffee and donuts from PartyLine catering, the soloist singing the National Anthem, and the American flags lined up in the yard, we want to remind everyone that Memorial Day isn’t canceled.

We may not be together physically this Memorial Day, but the memory of those who died while serving our country will draw us together. For some people Memorial Day is sorrowful and the memory of loss is very painful. For others, who may not know personally anyone who died in service to our country, there is the knowledge of a debt of honor that we can never repay.

On Monday, May 25th, let us in our hearts and prayers grip hands with those who sacrificed all for us. Let there be no distance between our gratitude and their memory. Honor their memory, cherish the gift they gave us, and be mindful that Memorial Day is so much more than the kick-off of the summer month. May yours be safe.