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Green Funerals

A green funeral is an end-of-life option where all aspects of funeral and burial remain as natural as possible. This means that you may request the use of non-formaldehyde-based products and purchasing natural fiber caskets that are harmless as possible to the environment.

A green burial supports the earth’s ecosystem by not taking from it in an unsustainable way, nor by introducing harmful chemicals into it. This means there are no headstones, sculpted markers, mausoleums, or permanent vases, and concrete burial vaults are not used. Grave markers, if used, are made of native stone or wood and are flush with the ground.

Cremation uses fewer resources than a traditional burial options, and there are eco-friendly  options for the disposition of cremated remains,
including biodegradable urns.

Penn Forest Natural Burial Park

Penn Forest Natural Burial Park in Verona, Pennsylvania is the state’s first exclusively green cemetery. Individuals who are interred there must have taken specific environmentally conscious steps in the after-death and funeral process to be buried there. 

Visit the Penn Forest Natural Burial Park website for more information. 

John F. Slater Funeral Home, Inc. Is a Certified Green Burial Council Provider

Our funeral directors can answer any questions your have about green funerals and burials thanks to educational training approved by the Green Burial Council. The trainings cover technical, practical, and ethical issues of eco-friendly funeral services. We carry GBC approved/rated
burial containers and products.

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