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Celebrations of Life

Celebrations of Life

A Celebration of Life is a non-traditional, sometimes secular service that focuses less on a formal ceremony and more on the character and personality of you or your loved one. Through pre-planning your own celebration or planning a celebration for your loved one, you will be an active participant in choosing how the celebration of life will happen. 

You will work with one of our certified celebrants and discuss the entire schedule and events for the celebration of life. With no script dictating how the celebration will occur, this is our most customizable and personal service option.

Certified Celebrants

There is great benefit in having a celebrant to lead the celebration, such as:

Celebration Alternative

A celebrant offers an alternative for those families not affiliated with a church or who do not wish to have a traditional religious funeral service.

Personalized Approach

Celebrants are specifically trained to design a service that is personally meaningful by  incorporating stories, music, and experiences that defined your loved one.

Various Resources

Certified celebrants have a library of resources available for readings, music, video tributes, and other personal touches.

Planning a Celebration of Life

Your funeral director will schedule a meeting for you and your family to meet with one of our celebrants. We suggest that this meeting take place separately from your arrangement conferences with your funeral director. 

You are creating the celebration of life from scratch. Feel free to be original and bring ideas, anecdotes and memories of your loved one to the conversation that will paint the clearest picture for your celebrant. As you work with the celebrant you’ll watch the celebration of life come together and culminate in a memorial event that honors you or your loved one exactly as they’d like to be remembered.

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