Author – Laurie R. Sweeney

From my own personal experience of loss, there is no better way for me to describe grief than by saying “Grief really stinks.” It can be very hard to understand someone’s grief, if you haven’t experienced a very similar loss. I always say that I don’t want anyone to understand my pain. If someone understands my unwanted pain, they must have suffered their own personal tragedy. The person who is grieving should remember that grief is awkward. For other individuals who are not in the direct line of grief, try to be understanding of what you may not have experienced. Recognize that not everyone grieves the same. Grief brings on emotional ups and downs, and often does not make any sense, causing a person to really struggle. Remember, when grief is raw, grief can be so unreasonable. Try not to be so hard on yourself as you take your own personal steps through the grieving process. Cry if you want, say your loved one’s name when you need to, be patient with yourself, and never go at it alone. “Keep the Faith.”

Laurie has contributed to the funeral home as a speaker and writer. Her book, “Have you Found Your Penny” can be purchased directly from Laurie by emailing her at, or through Amazon.